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This Just In: Your Personalized Medical Forecast

98.6 degrees, 120 over 80, 72 beats per minute – standard vital signs we have known since our first memorable visit to the doctor. These measurable baselines allow physicians to look more closely at their patient's health and serve as indicators of...

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SAFe Systems Thinking

In the coming weeks, physIQ is transitioning from feature-based Agile software development into time-based releases using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The foundational structures of SAFe include the Agile Release Train (ART) and the Product...

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Involving the Community in Your Technology Research

When it comes to technology development, I am consistently surprised by how little actual user-testing is done. And by “users” I mean the real end-user; the community of healthcare professionals and/or the patients. I generally work with an older...

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Fear of Data and Data of Fear

A few weeks ago, I, like many other masochistic Americans, decided to see the highest grossing September movie ever, IT. Unlike most other people, I happened to have been testing a wearable medical grade biosensor, which captures my Electrocardiogram...

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