Karen Larimer, PhD, ACNP-BC, FAHA

As Director of Clinical Development at physIQ, Karen serves as the expert on the management of acutely and chronically ill patients and clinical workflow in their management. In this role, Karen leads the development of all clinical education and training as well as design of clinical trials. Karen is a board-certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in cardiology, including the subspecialties of acute cardiac care, heart failure, interventional and preventive cardiology. Prior to working at physIQ, she directed a large, productive cardiac research foundation and taught in the graduate nursing program at DePaul University. Karen is a Fellow of the American Heart Association, has served as the President of the AHA Chicago Board of Directors and is an engaged volunteer with the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association and the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses. Karen holds a BA in English and political science and a Master of Science in nursing (MSN) from Vanderbilt University; she earned her PhD in nursing from Loyola University Chicago in 2011.

Preventing Heart Failure for America’s Veterans

Prevention, early detection, and vigilant patient monitoring are critical elements in successfully and cooperatively managing patients with heart failure (HF).

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Involving the Community in Your Technology Research

When it comes to technology development, I am consistently surprised by how little actual user-testing is done. And by “users” I mean the real...

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Remote Monitoring in Heart Failure: Are We There Yet?

From 2013-2016, about 6.2 million American adults had heart failure and its prevalence continues to rise1. The challenging nature of heart failure...

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Healthcare Technology Implementation: How Can We Hit the Ground Running?

I love a good manual. Give me a manual and let me follow it step by step. When I first start a project, I want the directions, preferably with...

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Heart Failure Management: Are You Ready for the Next 5 Years?

When I began my career as a nurse practitioner (NP) in an advanced heart failure program 20 years ago, my role as an inpatient NP was novel, the...

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