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3 min read

SAFe Systems Thinking

In the coming weeks, physIQ is transitioning from feature-based Agile software development into time-based releases...

3 min read

Involving the Community in Your Technology Research

When it comes to technology development, I am consistently surprised by how little actual user-testing is done. And by...

5 min read

Remote Monitoring in Heart Failure: Are We There Yet?

From 2013-2016, about 6.2 million American adults had heart failure and its prevalence continues to rise1. The...

5 min read

Healthcare Technology Implementation: How Can We Hit the Ground Running?

I love a good manual.  Give me a manual and let me follow it step by step. When I first start a project, I want the...

6 min read

Fear of Data and Data of Fear

A few weeks ago, I, like many other masochistic Americans, decided to see the highest grossing September movie ever, IT...

5 min read

Broad Spectrum Monitoring vs. Biomarkers: Clinical Needs in an All-Cause Readmission Environment

The medical establishment today is confined in its approach towards physiological monitoring based on time-honored...


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1 min read

PhysIQ hires a pair of commercial execs

Originally published in Medical Marketing and Media

Medical-grade wearables maker PhysIQ onboarded two commercial...

3 min read

physIQ Announces New Executive Appointments to Advance Digital Health Market Commercialization



  • John Wilson joins physIQ to drive revenue growth in the life sciences continuum
  • Chris Englerth will refine...
5 min read

Evolving hospital-at-home models benefit patients and providers

Originally published in MedCityNews

In 2005, a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine demonstrated that digital home...

1 min read

Case Study: physIQ & VHA Virtual Care Solution

Originally published in Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)’s “Resources in Action” Case Study hub

physIQ activates the...

1 min read

physIQ and CellCarta Collaborate on Personalized Approach to Vaccine Development

Originally published in PharmaTech

physIQ and CellCarta are conducting a study to evaluate individual patient response...

2 min read

physIQ, CellCarta Collaborate on Study to Revolutionize Vaccine

Originally published in HIT Consultant

What You Should Know:

– Today, digital medicine leader physIQ and CellCarta, a...