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4 min read

Tracking mRNA from Efficacy to Effectiveness

Recent news around the promising mRNA vaccines targeting cancers results indeed caused great excitement in many...

2 min read

Why Personalized Medicine Needs Personalized Monitoring

The recent wave of public interest in several groundbreaking studies of mRNA vaccines in the treatment of cancer are...

5 min read

Preventing Heart Failure for America’s Veterans

Prevention, early detection, and vigilant patient monitoring are critical elements in successfully and cooperatively...

2 min read

This Just In: Your Personalized Medical Forecast

98.6 degrees, 120 over 80, 72 beats per minute – standard vital signs we have known since our first memorable visit to...

3 min read

SAFe Systems Thinking

In the coming weeks, physIQ is transitioning from feature-based Agile software development into time-based releases...

3 min read

Involving the Community in Your Technology Research

When it comes to technology development, I am consistently surprised by how little actual user-testing is done. And by...


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4 min read

Inside an Individual’s Physiological Signature

Originally published in Medical Device & Technology

John Varaklis, chief strategy officer for physIQ, discusses the...

3 min read

Personalized physiology analytics with Matt Pipke from physIQ

Originally published in Pixel Scientia Labs

In this episode, I talk with Matt Pipke, Co-founder and Chief Digital...

1 min read

physIQ wants to replace treadmill testing

Originally published in Crain's Chicago


3 min read

physIQ provides cardiopulmonary insight from daily-wear sensor

Originally published in BioWorld MedTech

By Annette Boyle

The move away from in-clinic testing continues, with another...

3 min read

physIQ’s eVO2Max™ demonstrates breakout ability to estimate cardiopulmonary functional capacity from wearable sensor data during daily routine activity


  • Innovative approach can deliver high-fidelity cardiopulmonary exercise test results comparable to gold-standard...

1 min read

The 2023 PharmaVoice Year in Preview

Originally published in PharmaVoice

Impactful Tech

Chris EnglerthVice president, marketing, physIQ

“It’s got to be...


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