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The only FDA-cleared personalized analytics that learns a patient's baseline and detects subtle changes to provide unprecedented insight.

Extract value from the new frontier of biosensor data with physIQ.


Let’s get personal about digital medicine.

Discover how our proprietary FDA-cleared personalized analytics leverage continuous vital sign data to "learn" an individual’s baseline to indicate subtle changes over time, so you can transform your organization.

Personalized analytics

With physIQ, innovators in healthcare now have the ability to identify and provide proactive support for at-risk patient populations. Learn more about our Healthcare solution.

Healthcare solution

Clinical trial thought leaders can gain an unprecedented opportunity to quantify therapeutic impact across cohorts. Learn more about our Clinical Trial solution.

Let’s generate AI-based insight.

Now healthcare and clinical trial leaders can leverage sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate targeted insight from large volumes of data.


Make our proprietary AI do the work of extracting the actionable signal out of massive data sets.

Analytics Portfolio

Leverage a large portfolio of analytics that characterizes multiple dimensions of ambulatory patients’ continuous vital signs.

Personalized digital medicine

Let's personalize and revolutionize digital medicine together.

PhysIQ redefines patient visibility by providing continuous real-time biosensor data that is connected to the cloud.

Real-time data

Get the ability to continuously capture multiple streams of data from wearable biosensors — across the continuum of care.

Data capture

Tap into an enterprise-ready, scalable platform not constrained by the number or type of input devices.

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