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Remote Monitoring in Heart Failure: Are We There Yet?

From 2013-2016, about 6.2 million American adults had heart failure and its prevalence continues to rise1. The challenging nature of heart failure management is represented by the high potential for hospital admissions, poor quality of life and economic...

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Healthcare Technology Implementation: How Can We Hit the Ground Running?

I love a good manual.  Give me a manual and let me follow it step by step. When I first start a project, I want the directions, preferably with images. Map it out for me! This feeling probably comes from my days as trialist. If only every endeavor on...

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Broad Spectrum Monitoring vs. Biomarkers: Clinical Needs in an All-Cause Readmission Environment

The medical establishment today is confined in its approach towards physiological monitoring based on time-honored biomarkers, procedures and therapies – that is, point solutions for specific diseases. To many of us, as engineers and scientists not...

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What Automotive Manufacturing Figured Out In the 1950s That Can Transform Healthcare Delivery Today

In the 1950s industrial engineers at Toyota began innovating around supply chain management whereby component parts were manufactured and delivered precisely when they were needed.  This innovative approach, called kanban, ensured costly resources were...

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Looking back to look forward: The continued evolution of hospitals and patient care delivery

Medicine seems to be constantly on the verge of a revolution that will benefit patients but require fundamental changes in how medicine is practiced.   Hospitals have been a sometimes unwilling participant in these recurring revolutions.  Recall the...

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Heart Failure Management: Are You Ready for the Next 5 Years?

When I began my career as a nurse practitioner (NP) in an advanced heart failure program 20 years ago, my role as an inpatient NP was novel, the hospital electronic medical record (EMR) was groundbreaking, beta-blockers were the new “big thing”, and left...

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