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The 2023 PharmaVoice Year in Preview

Originally published in PharmaVoice

Impactful Tech

Chris Englerth
Vice president, marketing, physIQ

Chris Englerth Portrait“It’s got to be wearable technology, the continuous data streams they create, and the insights that can be derived from them. The ability to understand a patient’s physiology at all times in a real-world setting unlocks so much potential for drug development and health in general. In 15 years, we’ll be wondering how we ever approved drugs without continuous data streams.”




Talent Management

Nicole Skaluba
Vice president, talent and culture, physIQ

Nicole Skaluba Portrait“Ensure that you are listening to your employees by gathering regular feedback which could be from employee engagement surveys, stay interviews or one-on-one discussions. Create action plans from the feedback that are shared with employees. Create clear guidelines about when and how work is done. Ensure that all employees, particularly those who are not in the office, continue to have access to leadership and opportunities. Establish communication expectations, be mindful about the type, amount, and scope of meetings, and educate managers and employees to ensure they understand all guidelines and expectations.”