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physIQ Saw Significant Adoption of Their AI Technology in 2020

CHICAGO, IL – January 28, 2021 – physIQ, Inc. will mark 2020 as a very important year-to-date for the leader in furthering acceptance and adoption of its digital medicine platform. Throughout the year,  announcements of breakthrough studies and publications, important partnerships and collaborations, and an additional FDA clearance, were just a few of the notable accomplishments for this innovative company.

“At the beginning of 2020, no one knew how devastating this pandemic would get. Our entire healthcare infrastructure continues to be strained by COVID-19 and technology has become a growing factor in not only this fight but across healthcare,” said Gary Conkright, CEO of physIQ.

“We see continuous remote patient monitoring as an increasingly important tool in addressing limited capacity in hospitals, as well as in allowing pharma companies to continue to improve their clinical trials. It has been a trying year and I am in awe of and grateful for how the physIQ TEAM has and continues to rise to the challenge.”


Early Warning for COVID-19 to Potentially Reduce Hospital Admissions

The University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System, Chicago Medical Society and physIQ announced that physIQ’s continuous remote patient monitoring (cRPM) system, pinpointIQTM, will monitor the vital signs of the health system’s frontline healthcare workers and high-risk patients with COVID-19 for early signs of disease exacerbation. 

In September 2020, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded a contract to physIQ to develop an AI-based COVID-19 digital biomarker to address the rapid decline of high-risk COVID-19 patients. In just 10 weeks, physIQ successfully enrolled and monitored 400 high-risk COVID-19 patients in Phase I of the DeCODe study

And to kick off the new year, the NIH exercised their option to enter Phase II, allowing physIQ to begin enrolling 1,200 patients to validate the COVID-19 digital biomarker. This exercise of Phase II by the NIH brings the total contract to $6.6 million.


Early Prediction of Disease

physIQ announced the publication of their breakthrough LINK-HF study, which was published in Circulation – Heart Failure. This study, conducted with the U.S. Veteran’s Affairs, predicted Heart Failure hospitalization up to 10 days in advance.

The US Department of Defense, the Henry M. Jackson Foundation (HJF) and physIQ announced the launch of an initiative to deploy the physIQ platform to better understand the pathophysiology of COVID-19. physIQ’s cRPM system and sophisticated personalized algorithms will be used to predict disease progression and early indication of infection, and to potentially evaluate novel treatments for COVID-19. HJF and physIQ have previously supported the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone.

There was also focus outside of COVID-19 when physIQ announced their collaboration with NorthShore University HealthSystem and Carnegie Mellon University on a multi-phase project using pinpointIQTM to manage patients with heart failure and patients undergoing ileostomy.


FDA Clearances

Adding to their ever expanding portfolio of FDA-cleared cloud-based analytics, physIQ received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for their continuous remote monitoring algorithm designed to improve physiologic monitoring accuracy by levering the power of deep neural network computational approaches.


“As impactful as 2020 was for physIQ, we know even greater things are in store in the coming year and we wish everyone a safe, healthy and groundbreaking 2021,” Gary Conkright concludes.






About physIQ

physIQ is the leader in digital medicine, dedicated to generating unprecedented health insight using continuous wearable biosensor data and advanced analytics.  Its enterprise-ready cloud platform continuously collects and processes data from any wearable biosensor using a deep portfolio of FDA-cleared analytics.  The company has published one of the most rigorous clinical studies to date in digital medicine and are pioneers in developing, validating, and achieving regulatory approval of Artificial Intelligence-based analytics.  With applications in both healthcare and clinical trial support, physIQ is transforming continuous physiological data into insight for health systems, payers, and pharmaceutical companies.


For more information, please visit www.physIQ.com. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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