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physIQ Launches the Intrepid Partner Program


The Intrepid Partner Program aims to accelerate the optimization of patient safety and health measurements in both clinical research and post market clinical care

CHICAGO, IL – November 9, 2022 – physIQ announced today the launch of its Intrepid™ Partner Program, designed to enable the Life Sciences solutions ecosystem to deliver next generation near real time patient insights powered by high-fidelity medical grade biosensor data streams in both clinical and remote patient settings.

The physIQ Intrepid Partner Program will provide a distinct advantage to its members when competing for the business of both large and small life science companies alike. The unique value proposition of physIQ’s solutions and services will significantly enhance its partners’ ability to maximize ROI while fundamentally making clinical trials safer while improving patient journeys and outcomes.

“We are at an inflection point—AI will redefine patient safety standards, and physIQ is ready to bring these advances to the industry,” said John Wilson, Senior Vice Present and General Manager of Life Sciences for physIQ. “Imagine moving from intermittently monitoring an immuno-oncology patient for a spike in temperature to detecting the onset of life-threatening inflammation many hours in advance of that temperature spike. This proactive approach fundamentally changes the gold standard on patient safety.”

“This paradigm shift also applies to currently accepted means of health assessments,” continued Wilson. “Imagine being able to measure a patient’s cardio-pulmonary health with a VO2Max test that requires no supervised exercise while achieving a 0.9 correlation to the gold standard Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET). This allows patients who are either physically incapable of exercise testing or geographically remote from CPET testing labs to be evaluated while carrying out normal activities of daily living in their home environment. It not only redefines the standard of care but also broadens patient access to that standard of care.”

These types of medical insights will bring the benefits of real-world evidence to clinical research and post market clinical care across all therapeutic areas and clinical trial models.

“These next generation medical insights will redefine the decentralized clinical trial, significantly expand trial diversity, and enable access to a higher quality of care, particularly for underserved populations,” said John Varaklis, Chief Strategy Officer for physIQ. “All while further accelerating the industry’s shift from efficacy to effectiveness.”

The Intrepid Partner Program is designed to extend physIQ’s capabilities to the industry through participating Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Academic Research Organizations (AROs) and other technology solution companies. The program is backed by the company’s extensive experience and technical capabilities including:

  • An industry-leading portfolio of AI-based digital biomarkers
  • Deep experience working with regulatory bodies
  • The proven ability to integrate advanced digital technologies into clinical operations

Companies interested in joining the Intrepid Partner Program should visit www.physiq.com/Intrepid.


About physIQ
physIQ delivers personalized medical insights that can vastly improve patient outcomes. By combining proprietary AI and any wearable biosensor to continuously monitor patients in real-world settings, physIQ is advancing medicine and enabling clinical trial sponsors and clinicians to proactively detect physiological decompensations, improve the safety and efficacy of new therapies and speed time to market, and deliver personalized clinical interventions to improve patient outcomes. For more information, please visit www.physIQ.com. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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