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AVIA Connect’s Top 50 Remote Monitoring Companies

Originally published in AVIA Connect


AVIA Connect’s Top 50 Remote Monitoring Companies Report

What you will find in this report:

  1. AVIA Connect’s Top 50 remote monitoring companies

  2. AVIA Connect’s Top 50 by subcategory

  3. Top 5 most used companies by subcategory

Remote monitoring overview and Top 50 evaluation criteria

In order to overcome limitations tied to in-person care within their facilities, health systems are beginning to reconfigure care models to provide proactive care to patients with chronic conditions and other illnesses. A key component of this new model centers around implementing or expanding digital remote monitoring services to provide more robust care and timely care interventions outside of a hospital’s four walls. This approach offers care teams data-informed, longitudinal connections with patients between visits or just after an inpatient stay. To meet this rising demand, new remote monitoring companies are entering the market, with each supporting different aspects of patient care. 

Given the complexity and evolving nature of remote monitoring, the Top 50 remote monitoring companies report helps define the remote monitoring landscape and how these solutions best support patient care. This report showcases 50 remote monitoring companies who have proven real market traction, enabling you to find a remote monitoring solution that addresses your health system’s unique needs. The companies in this report are ranked based on the number of health system clients using the company’s remote monitoring products, from highest to lowest.

The Top 50 remote monitoring companies list is powered by AVIA Connect data, and is based solely on the number of health systems clients each company has listed on AVIA Connect. Due to confidentiality agreements, there may be instances where vendors are not able to provide a full list of clients.


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