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Every body has a story to tell…what insight are you pursuing?

Wearable and implantable sensors have enabled unprecedented physiological data capture everywhere and all the time. PhysIQ is leading digital medicine in providing advanced analytics to decode our vital sign data and provide personalized insight never before thought possible. Continuous physiological insight at home, work, and all points in between…

The Big Idea

We take physiology personally.

PhysIQ applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to the data streaming from wearable or implantable devices to learn one’s unique vital sign patterns and then detect subtle deviations that may indicate a change in health. The result is a data- and device-agnostic platform that can be applied across multiple clinical use cases, hardware platforms, and patient populations to generate unprecedented personalized insight.

Our Technology and Solution

We are applying this across multiple healthcare industry segments.

For health systems, payers, and post-acute providers…continuous real-world personalized patient insight

For pharmaceutical and med device clinical trials…unprecedented data collection for clinical product differentiation

Scalable personalized data analytics

For wearable and implantable device companies…licensable and scalable Personalized Physiology Analytics

Our Markets

Featured Resources

Inspiration and insights from opinion leaders in healthcare and technology.

The Promise of Continuous Ambulatory Monitoring

Dr. Steve Steinhuble of the Scripps Translational Science Institute explores how continuous ambulatory physiology monitoring will transform how we think about and treat at-risk patients outside the hospital.

Heart Failure Management: Are You Ready for the Next 5 Years?

Heart failure is one of the most pressing issues in population health.  With almost 1 million hospitalizations per year, it represents a huge opportunity to improve outcomes and lower costs by leveraging technology.  Heart failure nurse practitioner Karen Larimer explores what's on tap to address the unmet needs for these patients.


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