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Formerly known as VGBio, PhysIQ (pronounced Phys-IQ) is healthcare’s first personalized physiology data analytics platform. PhysIQ is designed to track and integrate multiple vital signs to detect clinically meaningful changes against an individual baseline, rather than a population-based “norm.”

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Groundbreaking. Versatile. Exciting.

More productive.

To help clinicians quickly identify physiological changes that could indicate a medical event before symptoms appear.

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More relevant.

To help consumers enjoy greater benefits from the next generation of wearable devices for health and fitness.

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More differentiated.

To help medical device makers and technology providers enhance or expand the functionality and effectiveness of their products.

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Proven in jet engines, applied to the human machine.

PhysIQ utilizes machine-learning algorithms developed to predict and prevent failure in commercial jet engines. It has been proven through millions of hours of successful use in this and other life-critical applications.

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A device- and data- agnostic platform.

PhysIQ technology is designed to process and synthesize multiple physiology signals — virtually any relevant data in any combination — from virtually any sensor or device.

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not population based.

Unlike other health data analytics, the PhysIQ platform creates a personal baseline using multiple streams of vital sign data from an individual, not a “norm” based on population data.

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Wellness Score

From data to actionable information.

The PhysIQ platform is designed to translate complex, multivariate data streams into a simple index or alert that indicates a clinically meaningful change in physiology, which may require action.

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