Ed Flemming Portrait

Ed Fleming

CHIEF Financial Officer

With 20 years’ experience in early stage/fast growth business scenarios, Ed brings a fresh perspective to the fast paced ever changing environment of healthcare. As a serial entrepreneur having previously been a part of the executive/management teams at companies such as Performics, DoubleClick Performics, Analyte Health, Adgooroo as well as a Co-Founder of CognosHR. This included multiple successful exits due to acquisitions. Ed could not pass up the opportunity to join a company that is disrupting how health care is delivered. As a part of his management duties, Ed has lead teams across many disciplines - accounting, sales, client services, marketing, and business development. As the Chief Financial Officer of physIQ, Ed is charged with overseeing the financial operations of the company. Ed holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Marquette University.

When not at phyIQ you will find Ed juggling the demand of being an active father to two young boys - finding plenty of opportunities to volunteer as lunch dad, art helper, library duty, fieldtrip chaperone, and even Cubs Scout den leader.