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Bringing Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring to Veteran Administration Healthcare

Heart Failure (HF) is a major public health problem responsible for significant and increasing health care expenditures, representing the most common hospital discharge diagnosis for Veterans. To address this growing burden, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) collaborated with physIQ to monitor 100 discharged HF patients using physIQ virtual care technology (the LINK-HF study).

Peer-reviewed results from the study demonstrated that wearable biosensors, coupled with machine-learning analytics, have predictive accuracy comparable to implanted devices:

  • The physIQ analytic platform was able to detect the risk of hospitalization for heart failure exacerbation with 76.0% to 87.5% sensitivity and 85% specificity.
  • Clinical alerts were found to precede hospitalization by >10 days.

During this webinar, principal investigator Josef Stehlik, MD, MPH, reviews the study’s key findings as well as:

  • Opportunities for continuous remote patient monitoring (cRPM) of high-risk patients using noninvasive monitoring technology
  • Challenges to implementing cRPM with multi-provider workflow
  • How a human-centered approach engaging and empowering front-line workers, is crucial to implementing continuous remote patient monitoring
  • Considerations for scalability of continuous remote patient monitoring

Dr. Stehlik also discusses the follow-up study (LINK-HF2), a randomized, multicenter clinical trial being conducted by the VHA in collaboration with physIQ. This study seeks to provide further clinical evidence for the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of this approach when included in the routine care workflow of discharged heart failure patients – including fewer hospital admissions, shorter hospital stays, and better quality of life.

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