A physIQ + Syneos On Demand Webinar

The Opportunities & Benefits of Continuous Patient Data Streams in Clinical Trials

Wearable biosensors present an amazing opportunity to transform clinical trials. With the solution, intermittent, subjective health measures can be replaced with continuous, objective data that provides an unprecedented view into human health and unmatched safety monitoring.

In this panel-discussion webinar, experts from physIQ and Syneos examine the many benefits of wearables, focusing on four types of opportunities they present for clinical trials.

  • Operational: Wearables can make studies easier to run, reduce site burden, and can eliminate source document verification.
  • Trial Design: Wearables have the power to provide richer data, power decentralized trial designs, open new geographies, and increase patient diversity.
  • Regulatory: Wearables make challenging therapies achievable through preventive safety designs
  • Financial: All these factors can combine to reduce trial timelines and testing procedures while increasing data quality

Who should watch:

  • Clinical Operations
  • Translational Medicine
  • Decentralized Clinical Trial Leadership/Managers
  • Digital Strategy/Innovation Leaders
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Medical Directors at CROs & Sponsors

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Riccardo Camisasca

Riccardo Camisasca, MD

Vice President, Clinical Development

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Tammy DLugin

Tammy D'Lugin-Monroe

Vice President, Global Head, Therapeutic Strategy and Innovation, General Medicine
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Keith Robinson

Keith Robinson

Senior Medical Director
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Steve Steinhubl-Circle

Steve Steinhubl

Chief Medical Officer


John Varaklis-Circle

John Varaklis

Chief Strategy Officer



John Wilson-Circle

John Wilson

General Manager and Senior Vice President,  Life Sciences