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Continuous Wearable Data in Clinical Trials: Technical, Medical and Regulatory Considerations

Continuously collected wearable data has the power to revolutionize clinical research. Their ability to passively collect data on a 24/7 basis in natural settings as people go through their daily routines at home and work provides far greater insight into patient physiology than traditional point measures collected during doctor’s visits or regulatory-scheduled home measurements ever could. In addition to proving data between visits and scheduled ePRO entries, continuous data can be used to create more accurate personalized baselines that can increase patient safety and drug effectiveness evaluations.

There is much to understand about bringing wearable data to your clinical trials. At physIQ, many of our customer conversations start with trial sponsors and CROs asking questions about what kind of devices they should use and what they should measure. This webinar answers many of the technical, medical, and regulatory questions you may have about bringing continuous wearable data to your clinical trial.

See what we mean by continuous data in the clip below: 

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