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Our proprietary personalized analytics and IT platform

Combining our FDA-cleared personalized analytics and best-in-class device-agnostic, cloud-based IT platform to provide Continuous Patient Insight™.

Personalized physiology analytics by physIQ

Continuously streaming ambulatory or “real world” physiological data offers unprecedented insight into patient health. These data sets, however, also pose significant challenges when it comes to making sense of the information. PhysIQ’s machine-learning-based personalized analytics extract the “signal from the noise” by virtue of learning each individual’s own vital sign patterns and then detecting subtle changes.

machine-learning-based analytics

Our proprietary, FDA 510(k)-cleared, machine-learning-based analytics apply artificial intelligence to physiological data from biosensors to “learn” the relationships and patterns of an individual’s vital signs and establish a dynamic personal baseline.

personalized analytical model

The result is a personalized analytical model with the potential to indicate physiological anomalies, which may manifest from health deterioration, health improvement or changes in medication. We call this the Multivariate Change IndexTM (MCI) analytic.

feature analytics

Our ever-expanding set of feature analytics helps provide further insight into ambulatory patients, including cardiopulmonary functioning, sleep, activity metrics and others.

Cloud-based IT platform by physIQ

We have created the world’s most robust and scalable platform for continuous biosensor data capture and artificial intelligence-based analytics. Our modular and horizontally scalable platform has been specifically designed to:

biosensors and data inputs

Accommodate a wide array of biosensors and data inputs

algorithm integration

Easily integrate new algorithms for physiological data analysis

data set management

Manage enormous data sets across very large patient populations

Our device-agnostic platform allows for easy integration of biosensors and other data inputs and accommodates direct data streams from third-party applications. Our specialized database stores both continuously monitored and spot-checked data. Data and analytics are presented within our web portal user interface or exportable via API into any third-party tool or data warehouse.

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