Leverage continuous patient insight across the continuum of care with pinpointIQ™

Wearable biosensors now provide unprecedented patient data across the continuum of care. With pinpointIQ, your organization can extract personalized patient insight to help support at-risk patients from the hospital to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) to home.


The end-to-end solution for Continuous Patient Insight™

Our proprietary solution transforms biosensor-generated vital signs into personalized patient insight. In addition, pinpointIQ supports a flexible workflow design that enables multiple care delivery models from local direct care to centralized clinical call centers.

Here’s how it works:

  • A clinical-grade, disposable wearable biosensor captures a continuous, multivariate data set, which streams to the cloud via provisioned smartphone
  • In the physIQ cloud platform, FDA 510(k)-cleared, AI-based personalized analytics automate anomaly detection for at-risk patients
  • Clinicians are provided with unprecedented physiological insight, curated for those patients indicating change from a personalized baseline

Here’s what’s included:

  • Clinical-grade, disposable wearable biosensors
  • Provisioned smartphone with data plan for continuous data transmission
  • FDA 510(k)-cleared, artificial intelligence-based personalized physiology analytics
  • HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-ready cloud-based IT platform
  • Web portal-based clinician user interface for population and patient drill-down visibility
Personalized digital medicine

You get FDA 510(k)-cleared personalized analytics to do the heavy lifting of biosensor data analysis

PinpointIQ™ is designed to provide clinicians with an at-a-glance perspective of their monitored population. Now health systems and health plans can:

  • Easily identify those who are deviating from their personalized baseline
  • Provide drill-down visibility into an array of parameters that helps further characterize patient status in a way that aligns with and supports existing workflow for ambulatory patients

Harness artificial intelligence for personalized anomaly detection with pinpointIQ™

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