Seize upon the new frontier of continuous biosensor data to validate the safety and efficacy of your products with accelerateIQ™

Wearable biosensors are bringing new meaning to the term "real world" data. With accelerateIQ, your organization can generate more data with greater patient insight, faster.


The end-to-end solution for Continuous Patient Insight™

Our proprietary solution captures and transforms biosensor-generated vital signs into personalized patient insight.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our device-agnostic platform enables continuous data capture through a variety of biosensors and streams it to the cloud via a provisioned smartphone
  • In the physIQ cloud platform, a portfolio of specialized analytics supports clinical trial endpoints
  • Offline statistical analysis quantifies the physiological impact across trial cohorts, and the Push API enables data to be exported into any third-party data warehouse

Here’s what’s included:

  • Wearable biosensors, both torso and wrist worn
  • Provisioned smartphone with data plan for continuous data transmission
  • Portfolio of analytics to support trial endpoints, including our FDA 510(k)-cleared, artificial intelligence-based personalized physiological analytics
  • Title 21 CFR Part 11- and HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-ready, cloud-based IT platform
  • Integrated patient-reported-outcome functionality within the patient app
  • Web portal-based user interface for clinical sites
  • Turnkey kitting, inventory management and distribution
  • Clinical site training and support
  • Patient compliance management services

You get an enterprise-ready, 21 CFR Part 11-compliant platform for continuous real world data capture

The physIQ platform is specifically designed to rapidly accommodate any sensor input source to extract maximum data collection for your clinical trial. Rapidly scale up complex international clinical trials across many sites in multiple languages.

  • Utilize multiple data streams from multiple biosensor devices. Includes both torso- and wrist-based data collection devices
  • Near-infinite capacity for patient data volume. Scales horizontally across cloud-based servers
  • HIPAA-compliant secure platform is audit ready

You get FDA 510(k)-cleared personalized analytics to do the heavy lifting of biosensor data analysis

AccelerateIQ™ is designed to provide clinical research teams with unprecedented insight into personalized physiological change.

  • Leverage preintervention baselines to quantify physiological impact, quantifiable for individual subject and cross-cohort comparison
  • Apply a portfolio of analytics to support the clinical endpoints designed into your study
  • Trigger physiology-generated questions to capture patient- reported outcome responses alongside objective sensor data collection

Clinical trial support services ensure you maximize data capture

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