PhysIQ offers an end-to-end solution that addresses every aspect of your continuous ambulatory monitoring needs.

Take advantage of continuously-streaming biosensor data and FDA-cleared analytics to generate unprecedented patient insight.

Scale your post-acute clinical operations to succeed in value-based care delivery models.

Tap into the power of continuous, real-world, real-time analytics:

Help identify post-acute patients whose health may be worsening, potentially enabling clinicians to administer proactive care before their condition requires hospitalization.

Let our algorithms do the heavy lifting of analyzing clinical-grade continuous vital signs, thereby offering your clinical staff a powerful tool to inform those who may be at risk for acute deterioration.

Leverage disease-agnostic analytical versatility capable of indicating personalized changes, which may be precursors of deteriorating health not limited to any particular condition or comorbidity.

pinpointIQ for Healthcare Delivery 
Chief Medical Officer/Chief Nursing Officer

Get a tool to scale your clinical operations, providing leverage for clinical teams tasked with managing at-risk populations

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Care Management and Care Coordinators

Gain the ability to identify those within your population who are changing from a personalized baseline and may be at risk for deterioration

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Innovation Lead

Deliver a scalable and extensible personalized monitoring platform with FDA-cleared analytics that can be applied to a wide array of clinical use cases across your clinical institution

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Speed your clinical trials and leverage novel biosensor data sets to support your clinical endpoints.

Increase your speed to market by proving safety and efficacy while achieving participant satisfaction, compliance, and more:

Tap into a rich and robust physiological data set providing a new level of real-world insight for evaluating and quantifying therapeutic safety and efficacy relative to a personalized baseline, in a way that also enables statistical cross-cohort analysis.

Leverage novel biomarkers from continuous real-world physiological data sets connected to the cloud, which allow you to more quickly identify and address adverse reactions.

accelerateIQ Analytics for Clinical Trials
Innovation Leaders

Get a deep portfolio of physiology analytics to support your trial endpoints and generate unprecedented physiological distinctions across cohorts

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Clinical Research Lead

Capitalize on FDA-cleared artificial intelligence-based analytics to transform biosensor data into personalized patient insight

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Digital Medicine Lead

Get a turnkey sensor-agnostic platform ready to scale across the enterprise and ready to meet the needs across the organization

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