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Pharma's Almanac Interview with Chris Economos

Originally published in Pharma's Almanac

Big news in Kentucky and a slice of pie in Illinois

The team on the Road to 50 States was reunited for the start of Day 9 after they missed each other between Michigan and Kentucky. Starting the day in Louisville, they had a dawn meeting with Bob Leasure, President and CEO of Inotiv, who had a significant announcement regarding an M&A move. Then they achieved double digits on the State count as they sped into Illinois and a considerable distance back north to Chicago. They had two formal meets in the Windy City, posing the question on the next big thing in pharma to Chris Economos of PhysIQ and Jarrett Beachem of Madison Street Capital, but also ran into familiar faces in the form of Tonia Becker and Jason Rahal of That's Nice. Having arrived at their day's destination in daylight for once, they got to enjoy what Chicagoans will insist is the best pizza pie in 50 States.