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Not only does physIQ have holy-smokes-I-can't-believe-this-stuff-is-possible technology, but we also have wow-these-are-really-solid-and-smart-and-nice-and-passionate people. If this sounds like you, check us out. Visionaries are encouraged to apply.

Data Scientist

PhysIQ is a transformational leader in applying highly sophisticated technology to solve some of the most pressing problems in healthcare. More specifically, we are forging the frontier of healthcare delivery at the intersection of mobile technology and artificial intelligence. Our team is comprised of veteran technologists and world-class data scientists and our solutions set the market standard for scalability and sophistication. Furthermore, we are implementers with a proven track record of transforming an audacious technological vision into mission-critical solutions for our customers.

In our world, amazing things only happen when people make them happen. If you want to make things happen and do it with a world-class of team of visionaries and doers, we encourage you to apply.

Job Description

The person in this job is responsible for all functions expected of an experienced data scientist in physIQ’s research group, namely to develop, advance and validate the analytical technologies of the company; implement, test and deliver production code into the product to generate analytics; implement, test and evaluate competitive and prior art analytics technologies; support statistical analyses of the company’s clinical studies and trials; develop patentable inventions; develop and implement software tools for algorithmic research and clinical statistical analysis; and document analyses, algorithms and related product features. This position is heavily involved in advancing the core analytical capabilities of the company’s products. The mission of the person in this position is to deliver robust analytical methods for productization and to expose and explain phenomena of interest in clinical physiological data.


Required Skills

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