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Not only does physIQ have holy-smokes-I-can't-believe-this-stuff-is-possible technology, but we also have wow-these-are-really-solid-and-smart-and-nice-and-passionate people. If this sounds like you, check us out. Visionaries are encouraged to apply.


PhysIQ is a transformational leader in applying highly sophisticated technology to solve some of the most pressing problems in healthcare. More specifically, we are forging the frontier of healthcare delivery at the intersection of mobile technology and artificial intelligence. Our team is comprised of veteran technologists and world-class data scientists and our solutions set the market standard for scalability and sophistication. Furthermore, we are implementers with a proven track record of transforming an audacious technological vision into mission-critical solutions for our customers. 

In our world, amazing things only happen when people make them happen. If you want to make things happen and do it with a world-class of team of visionaries and doers, we encourage you to apply. 

Job Description 

We are seeking a seasoned biostatistician to join our Research team working to develop digital biomarkers from wearable sensor data. With physIQ, you will work with large, rare troves of millions of hours of warehoused sensor data with clinical context, an advanced library of physiology feature algorithms, and a state-of-the-art platform for collecting new data in studies you may design.  

In this role, you will lead on statistical aspects of our algorithm validation studies and clinical trials, as well as actively contribute to algorithm design and development. We work with raw sensor waveforms and derived vital sign features from patients and human subjects using continuous wearable sensors in unconstrained activities of daily living, to develop and validate emergent analytics characterizing physiological health and behavior.  This work relies heavily on the latest techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence, including deep neural net and similar architectures. Our high-level objective is to harvest as much clinically useful information as is possible about patients using continuous wearable sensors, to achieve highly accurate algorithms using cutting edge data science techniques that pass muster with medical regulatory agencies.  You will play a critical role in characterizing the efficacy of those algorithms.

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