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PhysIQ is looking for a Lead Senior Software Engineer - Tooling to join our growing team!  Members of the Engineering team at physIQ are highly motivated, engaged, curious, and bright. Guided by Agile/Scrum principles, much of our energy is focused on the continuous improvement of our team culture and development practices. We are dedicated to efficient delivery of value to our users and work closely in small cross-functional teams, engaging regularly with Product and other stakeholders to communicate issues and ensure alignment. We also support knowledge sharing among team members with specific technical skill sets and strive to foster those Communities of Practice so that we are always learning and growing. Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of our values and processes, and we believe that diversity—in all its forms—is the key to discovering new ways to contribute to the betterment of our team, our products, and the people who use them 


  • Develop an extensive suite of externally-facing software tools to allow customers and physIQ employees to more efficiently access data in our platform 
  • Work closely with API lead to ensure client tools have feature parity with server systems 
  • Develop and maintain end-user documentation for using these technical tools 
  • Software projects include, but are not limited to, Python Data Import Tool, Python SDK, Python Configuration Management tool, Kotlin Multi-platform SDK 
  • Develop and maintain a consistent suite of tools across platforms (e.g., Python, Kotlin/JVM, Kotlin/Native, Kotlin/JS, Java) 
  • Occasional development of server-side API routes to empower client tooling 
  • Build and manage a team responsible for the development and support of all APIs, SDKs, and related tooling in a player/coach capacity 
  • Work intimately with Technical Architect, Product Director, and Software Leads to ensure APIs, SDKs, and client tooling support product vision and roadmap 
  • Meet with stakeholders (internal & external) to ensure public APIs, SDKs, and client tools provides the necessary capabilities  
  • Ensure proper test coverage and automation across API, SDK, and tooling efforts 
  • Enable self-service SDK development across engineering team for efficient feature development 
  • Maintain a high standard of consistency in code and external interfaces  
  • Manage distribution of client libraries and updates to internal and external users 
  • Understand and apply industry best-practices 

Required Skills

  • 2+ years experience in Python 
  • 4+ years experience with JVM languages 
  • 2+ years experience with Kotlin (any platform) 
  • 1+ years experience in iOS development 
  • Automated testing and continuous integration (end-to-end and unit tests) 
  • Cloud Platform and REST API experiences 
  • Experience with Docker and containerization 

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