Director, Product Marketing

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The Director of Product Marketing will drive marketing strategy and execution for the physIQ’s software products and related services. This includes, but not limited to – supporting sales and business development with strategies and marketing materials, launching product releases and new products with strategies and materials, coordinating with product management on product development roadmap and strategies and obtaining market and customer input, creating inbound and outbound lead generation campaigns and marketing content, and managing digital marketing initiatives, including the business web site. They will develop project plans for and oversee the creation of integrated marketing content to effectively communicate and represent the physIQ’s products, solutions, and services to potential and current clients.  The individual will be responsible for data-driven marketing recommendations and decisions supported by data and market research and be able to understand and measure key marketing metrics.

  • Responsible for the PRODUCT go-to-market strategy, including developing project plans and overseeing the marketing activities

  • Work collaboratively with Sales (Life Sciences and Healthcare) and Product Development teams on product launches and development projects

  • Define the messaging and positioning for each product and new product features for both clients and prospects

  • Create, edit, and manage marketing and product-related content for all related products and services both internal and external such as: website, brochures, white papers, case studies and presentations

  • Perform market analysis (customers and competitors) to define the conceptual space to own and occupy (market mapping) and support product design, positioning and pricing.

  • Identify and validate urgent, pervasive problems in the market

  • Analyze competitor and alternative offerings in the market, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and develop a strategy for winning against the competition

  • Identify key strategic opportunities and partnerships that would advance the brand standing and support business development in pursuit of opportunities

  • Generate insightful & compelling content (webinars, blogs, whitepapers, etc.) to influence customers, buyers, industry specialists, research analysts, etc.

  • Work with appropriate SME’s and other stakeholders in thought leadership development

  • Work closely with Sales to understand their challenges and needs relative to selling the offering and create and maintain sales tools to help Sales succeed.

  • Create and deliver (alone and in collaboration with internal training group) training and training materials to help inside sales staff utilize all the tools available to them and sell physIQ products and services more effectively

  • Utilize best-practices approaches for social media and other digital outreach tools

  • Provide product and market expertise for tradeshows, webinars and conference/seminars

Required Skills 

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Marketing, and/or Communications or related fields

  • 7+ years’ experience in senior marketing positions in a global business-to-business sales environment, with product and professional service introduction project management, worked with creative agency / partner, and marketing communications development and implementation responsibilities., or equivalent role

  • Enterprise software experience, preferably including cloud-based solutions

  • Experience in healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech (including service providers to those industries) or sciences-related industries with a regulatory component.

  • Strong oral and written communications skills

  • Strong technical skills including expertise in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint

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