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Our Technology and Solution

PhysIQ is singularly focused on transforming real-world physiology data into actionable insight. Our portfolio of technologies and solutions provides everything required to capture, transport, store, analyze and present personalized physiology analytics...

The Big Idea

What we believe:

What we do:

PhysIQ’s portfolio of analytics and cloud-based IT infrastructure enable multiple deployment models based on our customer’s and partner’s needs. Our approach is unique in that we offer both an end-to-end solution inclusive of hardware and sensors as well as a “Healthcare IoT” model for companies with a hardware platform that can benefit from advanced physiology analytics…

PhysIQ Personalized Physiology Analytics (PPA)

Our proprietary, FDA 510k-cleared machine learning-based analytics apply artificial intelligence to physiological data from bio-sensors to “learn” the relationships and patterns of one’s vital signs and establish a dynamic personal baseline. The result is a personalized analytical model with the potential to indicate physiological anomalies that may manifest from health deterioration, health improvement, or changes in medication.

By modeling and monitoring bio-signals this way, our personalized analytics are uniquely capable of making sense of real-world data and overcoming two key challenges associated ambulatory continuous vital signs…

1) Variability throughout the day: Whether we’re walking, standing, sitting, or sleeping, our vital signs are constantly moving with our activities. As such, physiology analytics must be “smart” enough to distinguish between expected and unexpected changes in vital signs. By virtue of personalizing across all of a person’s daily activities, physIQ's analytics are uniquely capable of filtering out noise generated by normal changes in vital signs.

2) Person-to-person variability: We are all unique. A heart rate that is normal for one person may not be normal for another. Because physIQ’s analytics build a personalized model, our approach compares “you to you.” The result is an analytical approach capable of indicating subtle changes that may otherwise go undetected by population-based approaches.

Our device-, data-, and disease-agnostic analytics approach is being evaluated for its ability to indicate physiological changes that may manifest from a wide array of health conditions or other relevant sources (eg. medication change). As such, potential applications include ambulatory patient insight for at-risk patients for diseases or conditions like:

Beyond ambulatory patient insight, physIQ’s personalized Physiology Analytics can also be leveraged by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers seeking greater physiological insight into the impact of their products in both pre-commercial clinical trials and phase IV “real world” studies.

PhysIQ Feature Analytics and State Detection

Beyond our personalized multivariate change detection, physIQ has an ever-expanding set of analytics that help further elucidate patient physiology.  From just continuous ECG and 3-axis accelerometry we calculate or derive over 60 "features" that can contribute to characterizing human physiology…

Through these analytics, clinicians and researchers have a more complete picture of ambulatory patient health.

All analytics are intuitively displayed and configurable within our web-based user interface. They can also be easily exported into any 3rd party analytics tool via API integration or file download.

Cloud-based PPA Platform

PhysIQ has created the world’s most robust and scalable platform for ambulatory:

In addition, the user interface integrates clinician and researcher workflow functionality inclusive of:

PhysIQ End-to-End VitaLink Solution

PhysIQ’s VItaLink offers the FIRST end-to-end solution that integrates continuous vital sign telemetry and advanced machine-learning physiology analytics to provide clinicians with a state-of-the-art tool to contribute to proactive management of at-risk ambulatory patients. The solution is being validated for multiple clinical use cases, including:

The physIQ Ambulatory Insight solution integrates:

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