The first personalized physiology analytics platform.

PhysIQ’s proprietary personalized physiology analytics (PPA) technology learns the unique interplay between continuous physiological signals such as heart rate, respiration rate, oxymetry, blood pressure and any number of others, creating a dynamic multivariate baseline for each patient.

The collection of variables is treated as an integrated whole. No variable is viewed in isolation. Our PPA technology identifies clinically meaningful physiological deviations from the baseline to enable early detection of changes that often can’t be seen with other approaches.

An important point of distinction: PhysIQ technology is an early warning platform, not a diagnostic tool. It is designed only to detect change — it is up to the clinician or individual to decide what action to take.


Fundamentally different.

The PhysIQ platform is unlike anything introduced to date in healthcare or health and fitness, a completely new definition of physiology analytics based on an individual, personalized baseline rather than population data. This is not “big data.” PhysIQ’s analytics are based on the opposite — a statistical sample of one. In short, PhysIQ technology compares you to you.

Totally flexible

Well established.

PhysIQ’s core individualized analytics technology has been proven through millions of hours of successful use in highly complex, life-critical machine applications such as commercial jet engines and nuclear power plants. The platform is not new. It’s the application in healthcare that is new.


Totally flexible.

The PhysIQ story centers on unique, patented machine-learning algorithms, not a specific data set or device. PhysIQ technology is designed to work with multiple data streams originating from a wide variety of compatible sensors or devices. The data- and device-agnostic nature of the algorithms means that the PhysIQ platform will produce information that is even more vivid and significant as additional sensors and data streams become available.

Totally flexible

Designed to simplify.

The PhysIQ platform’s core function is to streamline the process of physiology monitoring by converting complex data into clear information. It is highly reliable, designed to minimize the incidence of false alerts. It is also highly scalable. The workflow is the same, whether it’s monitoring one person or 10,000.