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Not only does physIQ have holy-smokes-I-can't-believe-this-stuff-is-possible technology, but we also have wow-these-are-really-solid-and-smart-and-nice-and-passionate people. If this sounds like you, check us out. Visionaries are encouraged to apply.

Data and Operations Technologist

Company Background

PhysIQ is a medical technology startup developing and commercializing revolutionary, patented artificial intelligence analytic algorithms and software, using data from wearable body sensors, for advanced at-home patient monitoring in healthcare. We strive to provide a stimulating, flexible work environment for smart, talented people who want to work on fascinating new technology and deliver groundbreaking products for healthcare. Our management team has considerable experience with company-building, fundraising and successful commercialization of new technology products.

Do you have a broad-ranging interest spanning multiple technology platforms? Are you interested in business analytics and process automation? Do you enjoy working with a variety of systems, rather than being locked into one product or programming language? Are you fascinated by the challenges of delivering innovative technology to demanding users in the medical and healthcare industries? Then we have the challenges you seek!

Job Description

PhysIQ is seeking a talented technical “utility player” with data and integration expertise to develop robust IT systems for the company’s Customer Success business unit. By serving as the technical expert to the customer implementation and support teams, you will:

Immediate backlog includes creating data-driven insights to answer logistical and operational questions and automating key tasks to drive successful product adoption by our medical user base.

This role is ideal for someone who is not intimidated by the unknown of problems or situations they are tasked with solving, and instead is energized by finding and implementing a smart solution. Key attributes are pro-active, self-motivated, solutions oriented, and alert to finding inefficiencies that could be improved through technology.

This role is a good fit for someone who prefers to work across multiple technologies and systems; enjoys the challenges of diverse projects; and does not like to be locked into just one programming language or development of just one product module.

Suitable backgrounds may include any of:


Required Skills

Bonus Skills

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