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PhysIQ is driving transformation across healthcare by applying personalized analytics to continuous, real-world physiology data…

Post-Acute Care

For provider and payer groups operating at risk and in need of a better way to proactively monitor and support ambulatory populations, physIQ’s end-to-end VitaLink solution couples FDA-cleared, clinical-grade bio-sensor patches and FDA-cleared machine-learning to deliver real-time, personalized patient insight to clinical care teams. With this approach, patients wear a disposable adhesive patch that continuously streams vital signs to the cloud. It’s completely passive data collection, meaning no actions are required of the patient other than weekly patch replacement.

PhysIQ’s Personalized Physiology Analytics are continuously applied to the data to indicate personalized anomalies that may be a precursor to an acute care event. The care team user interface enables at-a-glance visibility across the monitored population as well as drill-down functionality into the physiology data for each patient. The end result is a highly-scalable, personalized patient insight solution that is being evaluated as a tool for exception-based population monitoring and acute care early warning system.

Note: This information for clinical trial collaboration only. The PhysIQ software platform has received FDA 510k clearance but not yet for specific disease management.

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Pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials

For bio-pharma and medical device companies looking to accelerate R&D and develop biomarkers for sustainable product differentiation, physIQ is enabling the new frontier of continuous real-world physiology data collection. Cheaper, faster, and with potential for enormous clinical and behavioral insight, continuous vital sign collection has massive untapped potential for safety and efficacy differentiation. There is no doubt a race within the industry to tap into this wealth of data and insight...physIQ can help you get there first in your clinical category.

PhysIQ’s FDA 510k-cleared analytics and cloud-based mobile platform enable rapid ambulatory physiology data collection, machine-learning analytics, and personalized anomaly detection.  As a disease-agnostic platform, our solution is the ideal workbench for determining physiological impact of any pharmacological or med device intervention.  Our proprietary analytics are licensable throughout all stages of drug development, inclusive of specific endpoint generation for pivotal trials.

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Wearable and implantable device companies

For device manufacturers and sensor companies who are looking for revolutionary personalized analytics to integrate into their hardware platforms.

PhysIQ’s device- and data-agnostic platform can process any multivariate data set from any sensor configuration. Through our “analytics-as-a-service” business model, physIQ’s proprietary Personalized Physiology Analytics can be embedded into your platform or applied through integration via our open-API architecture. Consumer or clinical, wearable or implantable, continuous or periodic data, physIQ’s platform can detect and quantify personalized change from baseline for individual insight. Our analytics support both clinical and consumer wellness use cases and have unprecedented potential for personalized physiological insight and user engagement.

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